Plexo Sequencer 1.0



Technical Specifications:

  • Adjustment and Randomization of Steps: Provides individual controls for each step of the sequencer, allowing precise adjustments to MIDI events. The randomization function allows for generating random variations in steps to explore new musical possibilities.
  • Adjustment of Bar Size (Loop): Offers the ability to modify the loop length, allowing extension or compression of the MIDI event sequence to fit different musical structures.
  • Swing and Pulse Size Control: Enables adjustments in timing and rhythmic division of events, providing a more dynamic and organic sense of rhythm.
  • Note Adjustment: Provides detailed control over note pitches, allowing the creation of precise melodic sequences.
  • 3 Mappings and Mapping Intensity: Supports up to three simultaneous mappings with options to control the intensity of each mapping. This functionality offers a multi-dimensional approach to parameter modulation and control.
  • Randomization of All Parameters: Allows complete randomization of all available parameters, providing an effective tool to explore new musical directions and creative ideas.
  • Monophonic and Polyphonic MIDI Notes: Supports both monophonic and polyphonic note generation, allowing the creation of simple or complex sequences suitable for various musical applications.
  • Integration with Wavetable: Enables direct manipulation of Wavetable synthesizer waveforms within the sequencer, allowing real-time modifications of sonic characteristics, expanding options for synthesis and sound design.
  • General Randomization Function based on Ableton's Clock: Utilizes the Ableton clock to create musical variations and ideas synchronized with the music's tempo, generating timely and spontaneous changes.
  • These technical specifications of the Max for Live Sequencer for Ableton offer advanced control and a range of creative possibilities for the production and manipulation of MIDI events, making it a highly versatile and powerful tool for music creation.


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  • Compatibility: Ableton Live 10/11 Suite or Ableton Live 10/11 Standard with Max for Live installed
  • OS: Mac & WIndows
  • Min. Requirements: MaxforLive 8.5 is essential

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Plexo Sequencer 1.0

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