KLYD-1 Euclidean Sequencer

Nando Scheffer


This is Klyd-1. A midi sequencer whose main objective is to generate random sequences in Euclidean mode.

The differential of it is the number of possible randomizations within the device. With it you can have incredible ideas mainly using synthesizers with customization power.

  • 4 lines of notes with isolation option
  • Randomization on the desired line
  • Number of steps per row
  • Density of notes generated
  • Percent chance of playing the root note
  • Octaves per midi line
  • Speed/grid adjustment
  • Tint adjustment
  • Scaling / 21 options
  • Swing adjustment
  • Velocity randomization
  • Reset button
  • Red buttons that give options for melodies in different sequential tones.

All Plugins
  • Compatibility: Ableton Live 10/11 Suite or Ableton Live 10/11 Standard with Max for Live installed
  • OS: Mac & WIndows
  • Min. Requirements: MaxforLive 8.5 is essential

I want this!

KLYD-1 Euclidean Sequencer

I want this!